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Our body shop has the skill to remove them pesky dents without major body work. No cutting, no patching, and no painting!! Keeping the original part, to save our customers some money!!

Windshield replacement

Paint-less dent removal

With our state of the art equipment, we can pull the frame of your vehicle back to its original position. The position of your frame affects how your vehicle moves down the road, the fitment of body parts (such as doors, or trunk) as well as the safety of your vehicle. 

Keep in mind, a collision that may not seem so bad could have a bent frame, making it unsafer to operate. 

We have color-matching technology, so the repairs are virtually undetectable. 

With our full scale paint booth, we can paint up your projects as well. Bring the collectors in to claim their new look!

Frame pulling


Replacing your windshield is a breeze for our body shop. We are not limited to just the front windshield, all of your window repairs can be taken care of in one stop!

Wheel Alignment

Your wheel alignment is another factor in the way your car operates. If your wheels are out of align, you could have pulling,and uneven tire wear. We have a computerized machine to assist our technicians in aligning your vehicle within specs. This machine insures accuracy that your vehicle is withing a 100th of a degree from your vehicles manufacturer specs.